NCCCHW was mentioned in the September 2017 issue of Novogradac & Company’s Journal of Tax Credits. The journal reports news, analysis and commentary on affordable housing, community development and renewable energy tax credits.

CHW was mentioned because of their joint work with Novogradac and consultant Rise Community Capital, in getting the National Comedy Center (NCC) set up with a new markets tax credit (NMTC) allocation.

The NCC is set to open next summer in Jamestown, NY. It is expected to bring at least 100,000 visitors each year to Jamestown, resulting in a $23 million annual boost to the local economy, which has an unemployment rate of nearly 14% and a poverty rate that’s double the national average.

The NCC campus has 74 attraction components and it differs from other attractions of its kind. Visitors answer a series of questions that indicate their specific sense of humor. That information will be linked to an RFID chip, embedded in a bracelet that operates as a ticket, allowing them to interact with the components in a personalized way.

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