3D Development Group, LLC

We selected Cannon Heyman and Weiss because of their knowledgeable legal representation and genuine personal attention.

Bruce Levine

Arker Companies

CHW is committed to ethical and technical excellence. We do not hesitate to offer our highest regard in their favor.

Allan Arker

Artspace Projects, Inc.

CHW always goes the extra mile. Our work is extremely complex and CHW helps us to see the forest through the trees.

Wendy Holmes

VP Consulting & Resource Development
Belmont Housing Resources for WNY, Inc.

There is no law firm with more specialized knowledge and ability in the affordable housing arena than CHW—true experts in their field. As the process of closing deals gets continually more and more complicated, we find that it is essential to have CHW on our team to help us achieve our mission!

Michael Riegel

Breaking Ground

Breaking Ground has been developing supportive and affordable housing for more than three decades, and CHW has been instrumental across these years to complete multiple transactions of considerable complexity. Steve and his team are true partners in our mission, and their dedication to our work has resulted in thousands of homes for underserved New Yorkers.

Brenda Rosen

President / CEO
CB Emmanuel Realty

I recommend CHW without reservation to any organization that requires legal services in the financing of community development projects. I have found the various offices of the firm to be well-integrated and knowledgeable of the most recent financing guidelines of both state and city agencies including the New York City area.

Ben Upshaw

Managing Partner / Co-Founder
Community Services for Every1

CHW is absolutely a critical component to any affordable housing development team. Their knowledge and efficiency is unmatched. These projects are complex and they truly make it appear effortless. Our project had a large number of roadblocks along the way. Their amazing team navigated these and were by our side every step of the way. I would not do another affordable housing project without them. Anyone who does is making a mistake. 

Mindy Cervoni

President and CEO
Concern for Independent Living, Inc.

As a first time tax credit recipient we needed a lot of assistance to put together a complicated project. We received first-rate services from CHW, successfully completed this project and are now working on our fifth project with them. They have a terrific team who are a pleasure to work with. The partners are very accessible and have been personally involved with all of our projects.

Ralph Fasano

Executive Director
Conifer, LLC

CHW’s professionals are experts in advising on and closing complex affordable housing transactions. The CHW team provides solid legal advice, practical solutions and is responsive to client needs. We can rely on them to get the deal done.

Susan Jennings, Esq.

Senior Vice President / General Counsel
Domain Companies, LLC

CHW has been a part of our team since the inception of our business and has played a critical role in our company’s growth and success. Success in our industry requires the ability to respond quickly to opportunity and to devise creative solutions to evolving and complex development challenges. With CHW as part of our team, we can operate with the confidence that we’ll be able to meet those challenges with every opportunity we pursue.

Matthew Schwartz

Edgemere Development, Inc.

The expertise and effectiveness of CHW’s principals is surpassed only by the drive and dedication of its paraprofessional and support staff. I would not willingly go through a closing without your help.

John Oster

Evans Bancorp, Inc.

CHW’s experience and intelligence in the Tax Credit field is exceptional. They take a collaborative and problem-solving approach to create the best outcome for all parties while successfully and firmly representing our interests. Their follow-through is always detailed and exemplary—we not only get the direction but also the reasoning and understanding behind the approach. We’ve been a client of CHW for many years and I can endorse the firm without reservation!

David J. Nasca

President / CEO
Housing Visions

Housing Visions is always impressed with the service provided by the staff of CHW. The firm is a collection of experts in affordable housing and related financing structures that are necessary to bring development to fruition. As a mission driven not-for-profit that undertakes unique development, CHW’s expertise has positively impacted our ability to get work done in a complex world.

Ben Lockwood

President / CEO
Kearney Realty & Development Group Inc.

I am proud to say that I have been an exclusive client of CHW since the firm was founded. Its expertise, guidance and wisdom has been instrumental in the growth of our company and we look forward to working with CHW in the decade ahead.

Kenneth Kearney

Monadnock Development

We have used CHW as counsel on many large and complicated real estate transactions over the last several years.  The firm’s knowledge, expertise and attention to detail have made them one of the pre-eminent affordable housing law practices in New York State. Just as important is their ongoing commitment to diversity and equality as core values in the operation of the firm.

Kirk Goodrich


Mountco has been represented by CHW for more than twenty years. Together we have successfully structured and closed over 34 complex affordable housing transactions, all with multiple financing sources. Their ‘can-do’ attitude really makes things happen. CHW has been instrumental in Mountco’s success. I cannot give them enough praise.  

Joel B. Mounty

NRP Enterprises LLC

CHW’s experience in tax credit finance, and its unique insight and in-depth knowledge have been instrumental in our company’s ability to develop affordable housing throughout New York State. CHW’s staff is always available to answer questions, provide support, and offer perspective in closing complex transactions with multiple sources of tax credit based finance. We look forward to working with CHW on many more successful affordable multifamily developments.

J. David Heller, CPA

President / CEO
Orbach Affordable Housing Solutions

I love working with CHW, the personal attention I get from their team is incomparable. I find them extremely knowledgeable and attentive to my needs in getting my complex deals completed.

Jay Reinhard

People Inc.

People Inc. has worked with the tax credit team at CHW for many years. Their knowledge, talent and professionalism is unsurpassed. They have been instrumental in our success as developers and managers of affordable housing. The team handles the many details and intricacies of our work. I would highly recommend their services. 

Rhonda Frederick

President / CEO
Rochester Management, Inc.

CHW handled all aspects of a 501(c)(3) bond transaction and 236 decoupling for us. They were well versed in the process and very familiar with necessary contacts in the industry – key ingredients to a smooth closing. Each member of the team was dedicated and a pleasure to work with.

Peggy J. Hill

Executive Vice President / CFO
Rochester’s Cornerstone Group, Ltd.

CHW has provided Rochester’s Cornerstone Group with valuable legal counsel for more than twenty years, as our organization engages in the complexities of the affordable housing arena. Their focus, insights and access to key sources of information have allowed Cornerstone to be successful in its affordable multi-family ventures. The personal attention which we receive from the many talented attorneys and their support staff provides us great confidence, as well as peace of mind, in knowing that we are making the best decisions possible.

Roger W. Brandt


CHW has the experience and industry knowledge that makes all the difference when navigating tough housing deals. I have worked exclusively with CHW for many years and consider them to be a vital and integral part of our development team.

Kevin O’Connor

Executive Director
Savarino Companies

I cannot understate how much our organization has come to depend upon the good work and wise counsel of CHW. The path to success on any development endeavor is never straight and true. It takes a trusted and talented legal team to help you address any challenges along the way quickly and squarely. We have that with the attorneys at CHW.

Samuel J. Savarino

President / CEO
Triangle Equities

For more than a decade, we have trusted the CHW with legal work on a broad range of real estate transactions. Time and again, they have proven to be a great collaborator on our business. We have tremendous respect for the entire CHW team.

Evan Petracca

Chief Operating Officer
Vesta Corporation

We have worked very closely with CHW on all of our New York acquisitions, and we have been consistently impressed by the expertise, responsiveness, and professionalism exhibited by everyone on their team.  We consider CHW to be an invaluable partner, and look forward to continuing the relationship for many years to come.

Alexandra Michaud

Director of Acquisitions
Whitney Capital Company, LLC

CHW brings a unique understanding of the complex legal, debt financing and syndication issues required to close affordable housing transactions in today’s environment. The firm’s depth and response time coupled with its expertise in the development process provide a competitive legal advantage to any development team. 

Thomas Granville

Managing Director
Xenolith Partners LLC

The attorneys at CHW led our team through a very complicated closing with four development partners, three city agencies, multiple funding sources and one devastating pandemic. Our legal team was proactive: checking in often, forestalling potential roadblocks and collaborating comfortably with all parties. They provided detailed guidance and encouragement whether the going was smooth or rough. In fact, CHW’s partners were providing career guidance and business advice long before our firm became a client. Their long-term commitment to our WBE development firm has been a welcome benefit.

Andrea Kretchmer